The Rock, The Road, & The Rabbi Foundation

March 21, 2022 9:05 pm

Kathie Lee established the foundation after being so strongly impacted by her rabbinical study trips to Israel in recent years. She decided to set up a 501c3 to be used as an evangelistic tool seeking to share the Word of God and hoping to touch souls.

Kathie Lee’s belief is that the Word of God, when studied in the land of its origin, with extraordinary rabbinic scholars, is the most transforming power she’s ever experienced.

In light of that she looks forward to using the arts to produce films and music that will bring the glorious experience of learning Scripture from the Holy Land to a needy world.

The first project is the short film, THE GOD WHO SEES. She co-wrote the song with Grammy-nominated Christian artist, Nicole C. Mullen. Nicole also performs the song. They traveled to Israel in March of 2019 to film with Kathie directing the powerful piece.

Kathie’s hope is that The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi Foundation will be a vehicle for friends who are similarly aligned in their desire to share the Word of God in a world that is in desperate need of the Gospel of Jesus.

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